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What   Is   STRINGS ?

Concerts since 1993

“Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake.” – Nietzsche

Strings is a house concert.  The performances are supported by the members of the Society for the Advancement of Acoustic Music Appreciation.  The all-volunteer staff and the Strings’ community have made these concerts possible for all these years.  The philosophy of Strings is to provide a space that brings together outstanding musicians/artists with appreciative and respectful audiences.  We believe that the pleasant environment and these audiences directly influence the quality of the performances.  It is to this philosophy that Strings is dedicated.


Many people have the misperception that Strings is supported by an endowment and/or Joey is independently wealthy – neither of which is true.  Strings came about through the effort of a few hard working, dedicated people.  And none of them are rich either.  Over the years, people have been generous with their time, talents and resources and helped us transform Strings into the comfortable and relaxing place it is now.  Everything here is loaned, built, scrounged, recycled or donated.  Strings is a reflection of all of the people who helped to create it.


If you have been invited to Strings, feel free to bring along a friend or two whenever you pay us a visit.  However, please do not send people down on their own. 

It is important that non-members arrive on time.  We only allow members in after the house reaches seventy-five-percent capacity.

Turn off your cell phones.  These concerts are being recorded.

Smoking is permitted in the courtyard only.  Please, no talking during performances.   Do not arrive later than 8:30PM without clearing it first.  

Please, no children under 12 for evening performances.  Children are welcome at our Young Composer Concerts.


Although most of our featured artists are professionals, they perform at Strings for the love of their art and the opportunity to share it with a musically aware audience.  Since we record every performance, we always appreciate the silent respect the audience gives to the artists.   The way you can show your appreciation and support the arts directly is to  buy their CDs.  All proceeds go directly to the artists.  Thank you.


These concerts are solely supported by the members of the Society and the people who attend them.    Although the place has become quite comfortable, the financial situation is not unlike when we started.  We still exist month-to-month.    There are no endowments or grants or corporate sponsorship.    Your donations, no matter how small, do make a difference.    It helps us when guests bring drinks or snacks and it’s very much appreciated.    If you like what we are doing, we encourage you to become a member.  You can find out more information at the front desk.    This place exists solely on volunteerism and donations.    Please be generous and help us to continue.    Thank you.

For questions about Strings contact us at

Strings  books original, acoustic and accomplished acts.   If you are sending us a demo, live recordings are preferable.  Please keep in mind that only original or music which has not received commercial air play is presented at Strings.

Contact Joey at 


Membership in the Society for the Preservation of Acoustic Music directly supports the concerts presented at Strings.
Members of Strings are invited to our BBQ Jams and special private member only events.  Members receive our hard copy calendar by mail. 
Only members of Strings are admitted to Wednesday concerts after seventy-five-percent capacity has been reached. 
To become a member you must come to Strings and fill out a membership form at the front desk.  

E-Mail Show Notices

Notices of all Wednesday concerts are sent by email.  To receive these notices you must sign up at the front desk when visiting Strings.

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