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Wednesday concerts are 8-10:30pm.  Doors Open at 7:30

2017    STRINGS     24th     Season

Wednesday June 21st


Chamber Music with Miles Graber

Consumate pianist Miles Graber performs with the talents of  Owen Dalby on violin Mary 

Artmann on cello to bring us an evening of classical piano trios.  Beethoven Op. 1 No. 1 and 

Schumann D minor piano trio.

Come hear some of the best classical performers in the Bay Area in our intimate setting. 


Wednesday July 5th

Wednesday July 19th


Madelina y Los Carpinteros 

Madelina Zayas- vocals, cajón, güiro, Venezuelan maracas, bombo
Fernando Feña Torres-guitar, tiple, Venezuelan cuatro, charango, zampoña, percussion
Brandon Vance- vocals, guitar, piano, accordion, saxophone, percussion
Denis Schmidt- guitar, charango, tiple, zampoña, bongos, drumset, effects
Craig Thomas-cuatro, string bass
An evening inspired by the socially committed Nueva Trova and Nueva Canción folk music of Cuba and Latin America.  The group performs traditional, originals with well-crafted harmonies and layered acoustic instrumentation to present fresh interpretations of Latin American folk music from Chile, Argentina, the Andes Region, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and the U.S.