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Wednesday concerts are 8-10:30pm.  Doors Open at 7:30

2017    STRINGS     24th     Season

Wednesday August 16th


Cosa Nostra Strings

Shaina Evonivk-violin
Keith Lawrence-viola
Lewis Patzner-cello
Adam Theis-trombone/bass
Trance Thompson-viola

Classically trained Cosa Nostra Strings play new versions of classical masterpieces as well as originals creating a musical world all their own.

Wednesday September 6th


String Quake

Performing on traditionally 'classical' instruments, StringQuake, takes their instruments in new directions.  Amelia Romano on electric lever harp, Misha Khalikulov on carbon fiber cello and Josh Mellinger  on percussion play melodic enticing music as they experiment with unusual keys, fiery time signatures, and improvisation to create a sound uniquely their own.

Wednesday September 20th


Melissa Cruz Flamenco
Melissa Cruz-Flamenco Dancer
Itamar Shapira-Flamenco Guitarist
Azriel "El Moreno"-Flamenco Singer

Flamenco dancer Melissa Cruz returns to Strings presenting an evening of live flamenco and dance with visiting guitarist, Itamar Shapira from Israel and Azriel "El Moreno" one of the Bay Area's premier flamenco singers.   Melissa Cruz is a full-time professional flamenco dancer based in the San 
Francisco Bay Area.

Itamar Shapira is a flamenco guitarist and activist from Israel.

Azriel "El Moreno" is a flamenco singer.  Special guests!

Wednesday October 4th


Justin Ancheta Band
Justin Ancheta-guitar/vocals
Damian Sol-violin
Alex Scammon- sax/clarinet
Jesse Weber-percussion
Marlan Aldana-drums
Adam Lowdermilk-bass

The Justin Ancheta  Band is a positively-charged, high energy band based in the Bay Area.  Socially conscious music both Folklyrico and Americano.  Influences from flamenco and funk to reggae. https://www.justinancheta.com
Wednesday October 18th

Bolo' is a dynamic ensemble featuring the artistry of percussionist Surya Prakasha (Trio Paz), bassist and bansuri & ney flute player Eliyahu Sills (The Qadim Ensemble), and multi-instrumentalist Evan Fraser (Hamsa Lila).  The group creates songs that  move, uplift and transport.  With African-sourced grooves, African and Indian melodies and songs, 'Bolo' speaks to the heart and  a musical language that bridges continents.   Prepare for entrancing music that will inspire your body and soul. 

Wednesday November 1st


Jason McGuire-guitar
Yaelisa's group Caminos Flamencos was nominated for an Isadora Duncan Dance Award for both best company: Caminos Flamencos and best ensemble.

Jason McGuire is one of the most accomplished flamenco guitarists playing today.

Wednesday November 15th


Maurice Tani & Friends

One of the best country performing songwriters today Tani writes
both lyrically deep and musically engaging.  Joined here by Mike Anderson on bass.  Great entertainment!