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Wednesday concerts are 8-10:30pm.  Doors Open at 7:30

2017    STRINGS     24th     Season

Wednesday December 6th


Strings Holiday Benefit Concert

The Strings volunteer staff invites you to our final show of  2017.  One of the best shows of the year.  Come hear the amazing talent in our community perform.  This show is a benefit for Strings.  Celebrate the season and our 24th year!
Performers wanting to be part of this show please contact Joey.

2018 25th SEASON!  

Wednesday February 7th


Dan Cantrell & Friends

We welcome back Dan Cantrell who created one of the most exciting shows at Strings in 2016.  Influenced by the traditions of Eastern Europe, early American Jazz, early film scores and modern alternative rock Dan Cantrell  plays piano, accordion, musical saw, Hammond organ, harpsichord and pump organ.   Dan is a founding member of Xenology: a licensing library featuring a unique blend of world music shaped by modern modalities and electronics. 
Joined by Diana Strong-accordion, keyboards, Lila Sklar-violin, Jason Ditzian-clarinet & saxophone and Sean Tergis-percussion.
Dancers Elizabeth Strong and Nataly Nayun. 

Wednesday February 21st


Madelina y Los Carpinteros 
Madelina Zayas- vocals, cajón, güiro, Venezuelan maracas, bombo
Fernando Feña Torres-guitar, tiple, Venezuelan cuatro, charango, zampoña, percussion
Brandon Vance- vocals, guitar, piano, accordion, saxophone, percussion
Denis Schmidt- guitar, charango, tiple, zampoña, bongos, drumset, effects  Craig Thomas-cuatro, string bass
An evening inspired by the socially committed Nueva Trova and Nueva Canción folk music of Cuba and Latin America.  The group performs traditional, originals with well-crafted harmonies and layered acoustic instrumentation to present fresh interpretations of Latin American folk music from Chile, Argentina, the Andes Region, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and the U.S. 
Wednesday March 7th


La Peña Chorus

Strings is thrilled to welcome back The La Peña Community Chorus.  This chorus has been singing songs of peace, justice, and hope since it began in 1978. Started by the Chilean exile community who founded La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley in 1975, the original mission of the Chorus was one of solidarity with the resistance against the dictatorship in Chile. But over the years our focus has expanded to other countries, including the struggles of people in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba, and to various labor, community, and women’s struggles closer to home.
Wednesday March 21st


The Musical Art Quintet

A Musical Art Quintet composition might meld influences from Africa, Argentina, or Cuba — and even a drum machine — into a globe-hopping, dance-inspiring, gorgeous work.  Classical training and a taste for evocative melodies underpin this sound, but improvisation and lively rhythms make the group's "Nuevo Chamber" music truly its own.  Sascha Jacobsen (bass),  Jory Fankuchen (violin), Anthony Blea (violin), Charith Premawardhana(viola), Lewis Patzner (cello).