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Feb 6    The VNote Ensemble - (Formerly The Snake Trio)

Jackeline Rago (cuatro, mandolin, percussion), Donna Viscuso (flute, alto sax), Sam Bevan (acoustic bass), Lali Mejia (percussion)
True to tradition for the seventh year running we open our 15th season with this world class group. Original music based on the traditions of jazz and South American folk music.

Feb 13    Steve Seskin

We are thrilled to have master performing songwriter Seskin back at STRINGS.
Feb 20    Marc Silber / Ray Burl /Larry Hanks

Keeping the tradition alive. Three of the best roots musicians anywhere.
Feb 27    Matt Flinner / Scott Nygaard Sam Bevin

Three of the best bluegrass players on the acoustic scene today. Music with a nod to the past and a vision of the future.
Mar 5    The Invisible Ensemble

Molly Axtmann, Rachel Durling, Ayla Davila
Fritz Lang's sci-fi silent film classic METROPOLIS will be screened to the accompaniment of a new score created by Molly Axtmann. One of the greatest movies of all time.

Mar 12    Palm Wine Boys

Richard Linley, Q.B. Williams, Ariane Cap, Matt Lax

We are happy to welcome back one of our favorite groups. Contemporary folk with Afro- Carribean influence. Upbeat music that's sure to put you in a good mood.
Mar 19    HillBillies from Mars

Kevin Carr, Ray Bierl, Paul Kotapish, Daniel Steinberg
The Hillbillies combine their love and dedication to Celtic and American traditional fiddle music with "folk roots" of rock 'n' roll, swing, Latin and African beats.
Mar 26    Craig Carothers

We welcome back one of the great performing songwriters of our time. Biting humor with the grace and style of an artist.
Apr 2    Rafael Manriques, Quique Cruz,Maria Fernanda Acuna, Ingrid Rubis

Master Latin American musicians present an evening of original and traditional music. Moving and exciting.

Apr 9
    Doug Blumer / Wes Weddell

Two fabulous performing songwriters. Country music at its best.
Apr 16    Very Hot Club

George Cole, Julian Smedley, Vic Wong, Kathy Sierra, Sam Bevan
In the tradition of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli the Very Hot Club creates original songs true to the creative spirit which fuses popular music and art.
Apr 23    The Baguette Quartet

Odile Lavault (accordion, bandeon, vocals), Rachel Durling (violin), John Schott (guitar), Rich Trevor (bass)
Parisian cabaret. Music heard in Paris from the 20s to the 40s, the golden age of the accordion. Waltzes, tangos, foxtrots, paso dobles and more!
Apr 30    Samba Ngo

Alex Pike, Massengo Constant, Baba Tunde Miller
Congolese Soukous. Samba Ngo performs world beat music at its best. A spiritual experience not to be missed.

May 7
    San Francisco Guitar Quartet

Mark Simons, Patrick O'Connell, David Duenas, Patrick Francis
Master Latin American musicians present an evening of original and traditional music. Moving and exciting.
May 14    Houstin Jones

Chris Kee, Peter Tucker, Travis Jones, Glenn Houston, Henry Salvia
Contemporary Americana. Blues, country at its very best. Great songs, terrific vocals and some seriously hot playing.
May 18    Young Composers Concert
Talented Musicians ages 12-16 perform their own original compositions. Children welcome.
May 21    Blues Piano Evening

Wendy DeWitt, Tommy Thomsen, Sid Morris
Three of the Bay Area's top blues performers present an evening of song and soulful hot keyboard playing.
May 28    Qadim

Eliyahu Sills, Jason Ranjit Parmar, Rachel Valfer, Faisal Zedan, Bouchaib Abdehadi, Evan Fraser
We are happy to welcome back Qadim. Music inspired by ancient mystical music of the Near East. Accomplished musicians from Indian, Iranian, Jewish, Moraccan and Arabic roots celebrate their common musical and spiritual heritage.

June 4
    Euphonia & Three Mile Stone

Paul Kotapish, Sylvia Herold, Charlie Hancock, Brian Rice, Chuck Ervin
Marla Fibish, Erin Shrader, Richard Mandel
Two Americana Bands debut. A musical journey from the sophisticated sidewalks of Paris to the hay-strewn dance floors of rural America. Seriously hot playing and entertainment.
June 11    I See Hawks

Rob Waller, Paul Lacques, Anthony Lacques
Really terrific modern country. Topical lyrics. Currently one of the hottest groups coming out of L.A. This group will have you dancing in your seats.
June 18    Free Peoples

Tim Sawyer, Johnny Downer, Mike Dipirro, Bradley Leach
We welcome back one of the best original Americana groups performing today. Bluegrass to blues and a whole lot more. Imagination and heart.
June 25    Tom Rigney / John R. Burr
Stellar cajun fiddler Rigney performs with pianist John R. Burr. High energy heart-felt music. One of our favorite evenings.

Aug 6
    Round Mountain
Char Rothschild, Robby Rothschild, Jon Gagan
We welcome the original and eclectic Round Mountain from Santa Fe, New Mexico. With influences including Bulgarian zydeco, klezmer, West African styles to traditional Appalachian music and Celtic funk this group of multi-instrumentalists takes its audience on a unique musical journey.
Aug 13    Undercover Night

One of the very best shows presented at Strings. An evening of local performers covering their favorite songs. However, the song that they choose can never have had commercial air play. A show full of surprise treasures. Artists who would like to be included in this evening please contact Joey ASAP.
Aug 20    Christie McCarthy / Carol Denney

We welcome back two of our favorite performing songwriters. Excellent musicianship and lyrics with depth and humor. A celebration of the joy of songwriting.
Aug 27    Evie Ladin / Suzy Thompson / Allegra Yellin

Three of the Bay Area's major talents perform together. Sizzling hot musicians. Americana roots music from blues to bluegrass. Vocal harmonies and multi-instrumental arrangements touching the soul and heart.

Sept 3
    The Pickpocket Ensemble

Rick Corrigan, Tim Fox, Greg Kehret, Katje Cooper, Brian Rice, Chloe Allen
We welcome back one of our favorite groups. Inspired by Eastern European and Flamenco this group creates original music touching the soul with the essense of the timeless cabaret.
Sept 10    Misisipi Rider / Bolos

Cree Rider, Misisipi Mike Wolf, Doug Blumer, Katy Rexford, Don Burnham, Karen Horner
You see the names. Need we say more? See you there!
Sept 17    The Sor Ensemble

Eugene Sor-cello, Karen Shinozaki-violin, Rem Djemilev-viola, Miles Graber-piano
Master musicians present an evening of classical quartets. Beyond the written page to the recreation of some of the most beautiful music ever created.
Sept 24    Solstice

Emily Bender, Becca Burrington, Lark Coryell, Krista Enos Mari Marjamaa, Kim Warsaw, Sara Webb-Schmitz
An acappella group with repertoire which includes soul, gospel, Afro-Cuban, Eastern European , the 12th century music of Hildegard von Bingen, and classics composed by Bartok , Poulenc and the Ink Spots. Performing together for over a decade, this is a very special group.

Oct 1

Eric Thompson, Tom Rozum, Scott Nygaard, Laurie Lewis, Paul Shelasky
Original Americana at its very best. All-star line-up for a truly amazing evening.
Oct 8    Tom Paley

We are honored to welcome banjo player Tom Paley, a true national treasure. Performing for over 75 years this artist is the authentic voice of American Old Time Music.
Oct 15    Carlos Orazco

Originally from Barquisimeto, Venezuela and now living in Caracas, Carlos Orozco is the rising star of llanero music. The fast Joropo shows off the virtuosity and imagination of the performer. He will be joined by members of his trio on maracas and cuatro.
Oct 22    The Invisible Ensemble

Molly Axtmann, Rachel Durling, Shira Kammen, Dina Weinshelbaum
The silent masterpiece NOSFERATU screened to Molly Axtmann's original score.
Nov 5    Caren Armstrong & Friends

The ever-entertaining Armstrong with some of the Bay Area's top performing songwriters.
Nov 12    Kings of Mongrel Folk

Humor, wit and musicianship extraordinaire. Mark Graham and Orville Johnson are the Kings!
Nov 19    Calaveras

Victoria Blythe, Greg Beattie, Dave Decker
We welcome back this Americana original. Country, folk, pop, blues and more.
Dec 3    Lost Weekend Western Swing Band
The 11 piece allstar LOST WEEKEND Band rides back to STRINGS for an evening of world-class Western Swing music, featuring Hall-of-Famer Bobby Black, steel guitar; Pam Brandon, featured vocalist; Mark Holzinger, lead guitar; fiddler Paul Shelasky; Shota Osabe, piano; Jim Rothermel, sax and clarinet; Bob Schulz, cornet and vocals; Kevin "Ironman" Porter, trombone; Rick Alegria, drums; Bing Nathan, bass; and "fearless leader" Don Burnham, rhythm guitar and vocals. This most remarkable band enters its 25th swingin' year soon (founded 1984) with four of the original cast still onboard - LOST WEEKEND has earned its reputation as one of the country's leading lights in Western Swing music. Don will have his brand new hit EP disc for sale -- “Apple and Google and Gold” --- hot off the presses    ! www.lostweekend.ws
Dec 10    The Hot Frittatas

Gus Garelick, Dennis Hadley, Don Coffin, Sam Page
We welcome one of Northern California’s liveliest ensembles for international café music: Italian, Sicilian, French, Mexican, Brazilian, and more.
Dec 17    Strings Holiday Benefit Party