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Feb 4      The V Note Ensemble

Jackeline Rago, Donna Viscuso-flute, Sam Bevan, Lali Mejia
For the eighth year running we open our 16th season with this world class group.    www.vnoteensemble.com

Feb 8      Young Composers Concert

Feb 18    Marc Silber with Michael Hubbert and Rod Glaubman

Delta Blues master Silber returns with surprise guests.  A gathering of the tribe.    www.marcsilbermusic.com

Mar 4      Arauco

Rafael Manriquez, Ingrid Rubis, Quique Cruz, Maria Fernanda Acuna
Four master musicians perform music of their South American tradition with originality.

Mar 18    Still on the Hill

Donna Stjerna, Kelly Mulhollan
We are honored to present this duo from the Ozarks of Arkansas. Musicianship, heart, insightful lyrics. The real deal.    www.stillonthehill.com

Apr 1      Craig Carothers

Among the very best performing songwriters on tour in the country today. An authentic voice of our times. Truly unique.    www.craigcarothers.com

Apr 15    Caren Armstrong / Carol Denney

Two of our favorite Bay Area troubadors. We are fortunate to host both of these artists. Terrific songwriters and very accomplished musicians. A powerful double bill.    www.carenarmstrong.com

May 6      Palm Wine Boys

Richard Linley, Q.B.Williams, Eliyahu Sills, Matthew Lax
Performing at Strings for over a decade we look forward to welcoming back one of our favorite groups. Contemporary folk with Afro-Carribean influences. Upbeat and deep.    www.palmwineboys.com

May 20     Free People

June 3      I See Hawks In LA

June 17    Houston Jones

Glenn Houston, Travis Jones, Chris Kee, Peter Tucker and Henry Salvia.

West coast country at it's very best with blues and original Americana. Terrific harmonies, lyrics with depth and truly accomplished musicianship to make it all happen.

July 15    Mimi Dye and the Topaz

Aug 5     Samba Ngo

Congolese Soukous World beat music at its best. A spiritual experience not to be missed.    www.samba-ngo.com

Aug 19    T Gerkin and Tim Sparks

Sep 2     Steve Seskin

Steve Seskin is a master songwriter and story teller. A truly geatevening from beginning to end.     www.steveseskin.com

Sep 13    Young Composers Concert

Original music composed & performed by Jenna Archer Niko Durr Phil Hoxie Jessica Blixt-Logan Nick Browne Joshua Hess Daniel Stephens Stephen Spies Produced by Molly Axtmann

Sep 16     Pickpocket Ensemble

One of our favorite groups. Inspired by Eastern European and Flamenco the ensemble performs original music touching the soul with the essence of the timeless cabaret.    www.pickpocketensemble.com

Oct 7      Mars Arizona

Oct 21    Round Mountain

Char Rothschild and Robby Rothschild are brothers who have been performing together since they were kids. Outstanding multi-instrumental musicians who bring performance to a whole new level. A show not to be missed.    www.roundmountainmusic.com

Nov 4    Visual Concert

John Pearson, master photographer, hosts this evening of photography to the accompaniment of live music. A multi-media event linking visual and musical talents to create mind-altering tapestries.