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Saturday December 18    8pm
Strings Holiday Benefit Show
One of our favorite evenings.  Strings community talent each perform one song.  Come help us celebrate the season. 

Wednesday December 1
Carol Denney / Marc LeMaire / Larry Hanks
Bay Area songwriters Denney  http://www.caroldenney.com , Marc LeMaire   www.rubatorecording.com and Larry Hanks  http://www.larryhanks.com/ perform original songs.  Lyrics with wit and depth performed with accomplished musicianship.  Entertaining and enlightening.

Wednesday November 17
Visual Concert
Hosted by Charlie Lucke

Inspired by the work of master photographer John Pearson http://homepage.mac.com/john_pearson , this concert links photography and live musical performances to create mind altering tapestries.   A special evening.

Photographers: Bob Hoffman, Susan Brown, John Pearson, Suzon Murray, Molly Axtmann, Charlie Lucke, Patty Sokolecki, Megan Kincaid contribute.

Musicians: Joe Cullen, Karen Horner, Nicole Milner, Caren Armstrong, Joey Lent, Molly Axtmann, Katie Wreede, Donna Viscuso, Lichi Fuentes and Katja Cooper accompany the visuals.

Wednesday November 3
Steve Seskin

Master songwriter Seskin http://www.steveseskin.com performs.  Songs written from the heart and mind of one of the Bay Area's most gifted and entertaining performing songwriters.  He is currently touring in support of his latest CD, Steve Seskin "Live". This is his 17th recording released on his own record label. 
Wednesday October 6
Players' Night
Hosted by Teja Gerkin
An evening of guitar music performed by maestros of the instrument.  A showcase of original guitar music in a variety of styles. Marc Silber 
www.marcsilbermusic.comDoug Young www.dougyoungguitar.com  ,  Az Samad www.reverbnation.com/azsamad  and  Pete Madsen www.buzzyfrets.com  perform.

Pickpocket Ensemble
One of our favorite groups. Inspired by Eastern European and Flamenco the ensemble performs original music touching the soul with the essence of the timeless cabaret.
Composer Rick Corrigan on accordion, Marguerite Ostrovski on violin, Yates Brown on guitar, Kurt Ribak on bass, Alex Kelly and Myra Joy on cello, and Michaelle Goerlitz on percussion.

Sunday September 12th 7PM

Young Composers Concert 
Remarkable young musicians perform their own original compositions.  Produced by Molly Axtmann, this eleventh anniversary concert will feature the group Harmonikos performing new scores to short films.  Jo Griffin, Daniel Stephens, Jack Pertschuk, Gabe Weiland, Stephen Spies, Jessica Blixt-Logan, Oliver Konkel, Dmitri Gaskin and Niko Umar-Durr.  An inspiring and fun concert.  Children welcome.

September 1st

The Sor Ensemble


Eugene Sor, Karen Shinozaki, Jory Fankuchen and Miles Graber are the remarkable musicians of this classical piano quartet.  This is a unique opportunity to hear some of the best classical musicians in the Bay Area bring masterpieces of our musical heritage to life in an intimate setting.
Program: Mozart Eb major Piano Quartet and Brahms G minor Piano Quartet.

August 18th

The Palm Wine Boys


Richard Linley, QB Williams, Matt Lax and Eliahu are the Palm Wine Boys.  This group captures the sound of their namesake--lightly sweet, spreading warmth through your veins and intoxicating the mind with a hopeful spirit. 
August 4th

Caren Armstrong's Birthday Celebration

One our favorite performing songwriters celebrates her birthday with guest artists.  Caren is an award-winning songwriter who has recorded several albums and has a slew of prestigious performances to her credit.  With impressive guitar chops and an authentic, folky voice, Caren Armstrong has all the components of a great folk artist.http://carenarmstrong.com/

July 21    

Doug Blumer / 77 El Deora

Two Bay Area Americana roots groups. We welcome 77 El Deora to Strings and one of our all time favorite performing songwriers, Doug Blumer with his band. A special Evening www.dougblumer.com
July 7      Under Cover Night

One of our favorite evenings.  Local talent each perform one song that has not received major air play.  Unknown treasures revealed!

June 16   Rick Di Dia and Aireen Espiritu

Rick and Aireene pick, strum, stomp, slide and sing their own brand of stripped down Americana. Celebrate Joey Lent's original solo guitar CD release.

June 2     Evie Ladin Band

Evie Ladin, Keith Terry, Dina Maccabee and Erik Pearson.  Original dynamic music with roots in traditional Americana.  Entertaining and uplifting.

May 19    Janam

Juliana Graffagna, Dan Auvil, Tom Farris, Gari Hegedus, Peter Jaques and Bill Lanphier are Janam. Turkish, Romani, Sephardic, American roots and original music performed by some of the Bay Area's most innovative and accomplished musicians.

May 5     Houston Jones Band

Houston Jones is Travis Jones, Glenn Houston, Chris Kee, Peter Tucker and Henry Salvia. Contemporary Americana. Blues, country at its very best. Hot and tight.

Apr 28    The Waymores

Don Henry, Sally Barris and Tom Kimmel are Waymore!  A special show featuring three of the nation's top touring performing 
songwriters. Direct from Nashville.

Apr 21    Arauco

Rafael Manriquez, Ingrid Rubis, Quique Cruz, Maria Fernanda Acuna are Arauco. Four master musicians perform music of South American tradition and originals. As good as good gets.

Apr 7      V Note Ensemble

Jackeline Rago, Donna Viscuso-flute, Sam Bevan, Lali Mejia

Mar 17    Kings of Mongrel Folk

Orville Johnson & Mark Graham are the kings!  Amazing musicians with razor sharp lyrics.

Mar 3      Craig Carothers

One of the greatest troubadors of our time returns to Strings. Carothers touches the core.

Feb 17    Marc Silber

Delta Blues master Silber performs originals and classics with an amazing array of accomplished musicians. A celebration.

Feb 3      Tom Rigney Trio

Stellar Cajun fiddler Tom Rigney performs with multi-instrumentalist Joe Weed  and John R. Burr on piano.  Come ring in our new season with energy & joy.