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Saturday December 17th    8pm
Strings Holiday Benefit Concert
One of the best shows of the year.  An array of Bay Area talent perform.  A chance to see some of the best performers in a celebratory concert.  Come celebrate the season!

Wednesday December 7th    8pm    
Inanna and the Huluppu Tree Premiere
Molly Axtmann
 Molly Axtmann presents the premiere screening of her film Inanna and the Huluppu Tree.  Based on the ancient Sumerian myth believed to be the first to be written down in human history, the film is done without dialogue in the tradition of the "silent" films from the dawn of moving picture history.   The story tells of the universal struggle to fulfill one's dreams.  The program will also include selections from Molly's scores for the silent classics Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Caligari, Metropolis and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Cellist  David Brin and violinist/violist Stephen Spies perform with Molly on piano.  Champagne reception!

Wednesday November 16    
Dana Hubbard  /  Maurice Tani
Two fabulous performing songwriters share an evening.  Musicianship and cutting edge lyrics place these two performers outside the mainstream.  Creating a unique sound from the roots of country, blues and rock this is entertainment at its best.  www.danahubbard.com
Wednesday November 2    8pm
Quique Cruz, Maria Fernanda Acuna and Jeremy Allen are Quijerema.   We welcome back this fabulous group.  Performing with guitarist Jordan Samuels, these amazing musicians weave an original tapestry pulsing with the rhythms and colors of their native Chile, Venezuela and american jazz. www.quijerema.com

Wednesday October 19    8pm
Under Cover Night
This is  night where By Area Performing songwriters cover songs that they admire by other songwriters.  The songs may not have received commercial airplay.  This evening reveals truly amazing treasures that would not have otherwise been heard.   Everyone in attendance that evening will reach in a grab bag and receive two CDs of songwriters whose songs fit into this category.   

Wednesday October 5    8pm
Evil Diane
Evie Ladin performs with her quartet: Keith Terry, Dina Maccabee and Erik Pearson.  Traditional Appalachian music with an urban edge and contemporary vision.  Polyrhythmic funk and expressive vocals.  

Wednesday September 21    8pm

Carol Denney  http://www.caroldenney.com , Megan McLaughlin  meganmclaughlin.com and Melody Walker www.melodywalkermusic.com 
perform original songs.  A special evening by these three outstanding Bay Area performing songwriters. 

Wednesday September 7    


The Pickpocket Ensemble
Composer Rick Corrigan on accordion, Marguerite Ostro on violin, Yates Brown on guitar, Kurt Ribak on bass and Michaelle Goerlitz on percussion.  We welcome back one our very favorite groups.  Originals inspired by Eastern European gypsy music.  The Pickpocket touches the soul with the essence  of the timeless cabaret.  

Wednesday August 17    8pm
The Sor Ensemble
 A rare chance to hear one of the best classical ensembles in the Bay Area perform in our intimate setting.

Eugene Sor, Karen Shinosaki, Jory Fankuchen and Miles Graber perform classical piano quartet music.  
W.A. Mozart
Quartet in G minor, KV 478 (1785)   and
Gabriel Faure
Piano Quartet in C minor, Op. 15 (1879)
Wednesday August 3    8pm

Caren Armstrong's Birthday Celebration

One our favorite performing songwriters celebrates her birthday with guest artists.  Caren is an award-winning songwriter who has recorded several albums and has a slew of prestigious performances to her credit.  With impressive guitar chops and an authentic, folky voice, Caren Armstrong has all the components of a great folk artist.

Wednesday July 20    8pm
Rafael Manriquez /  Ramon Romero / Ingrid Rubis
Music of South America performed by three exciting musicians.  Manriquez on vocals & guitar, Romero on harp and Rubis on vocals, piano and percussion.  Originals and traditional music with passion, virtuosity and heart.  

Wednesday June 15    8pm
Eliayu Sills, Jason Ranjit Parmar, Rachel Valfer Sills, Faisal Zedan, Geri Hegedus,  Bouchaib Abdehadi and Evan Fraser create this ensemble inspired by ancient mystical music of the Near East.  These musicians from Indian, Iranian, Jewosh, Moraccan and Arabic roots celebrate their common musical and spiritual heritage.

Wednesday June 1    8pm
Tom Rigney Trio
Stellar cajun violinist Rigney performs with long time  musical partner Joe Weed on violin and the talented John R. Burr on piano.   Heart, soul and foot stomping energy.  

Wednesday May 18    8pm
77 El Deora
Maurice Tani and Jenn Courtney with their  band perform great lyrics and terrific singing.  This group is on the cutting edge of where country music is goinhttp://www.western-independent.com/77eldeora/

Wednesday May 4    8pm
Juliana Graffagna, Dan Auvil, Tom Farris, Gari Hegedus and Peter Jaques  are Janam. Turkish, Romani, Sephardic, American roots and original music performed by some of the Bay Area's most innovative and accomplished musicians. 

Friday April 15    8pm
Bill Bourne

Strings presents a special Friday evening show featuring the amazing trance master Bill Bourne from Canada.  

Wednesday April 13    8pm
Danny Schmidt
Performing songwriter Schmitt from Texas delivers brilliant, poetic songs on the human condition accompanied by dazzling guitar playing. 

Wednesday April 6    8pm
KellyJoe Phelps & Corinne West
Singing, writing and harmonies at their best.  A truly exciting duo.

Wednesday March 16    8pm
Paul Kamm & Eleanor MacDonald

Fantastic harmonies, exciting rhythms create a rich tapestry of guitar and storytelling.

Wednesday March 2    8pm
Craig Carothers
Terrific songwriting, biting humor.  One of the great troubadors of our time. www.craigcarothers.com

Wednesday February 23    8pm
Nora Jane Struthers

From Nashville nationally touring singersongwriter Struthers performs with her sizzling hot band.   The Bootleggers, winners of the 2010 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition: P.J. George-upright bass & vocals, Ward Stout-fiddle & vocals, Dave Goldenberg-mandolin 

Wednesday February 16    8pm
Marc Silber & Friends
A special evening full of surprises produced by Delta Blues master Marc Silber.

Wednesday February 2    8pm
V-Note Ensemble
Jackeline Rago, Donna Viscuso, Sam Bevin and Lali Mejia are the V-Note Ensemble.  We are thrilled to open the season with this fabulous group.  International Latin fusion at its very best. www.vnoteensemble.com