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Strings does a multi-track recording of each show for the artists and our archives.  We have been recording these shows since 1993.  We normally have two sound engineers, one doing a mix for house sound, and one doing a separate mix for the recording.  We send these recordings to the artists free of charge to do with as they please.  Sound Check starts at about 6:30.

Paul Tumolo                                    Steve Smulian                                    Jamar
Several of the recordings made at Strings have been used as demos and a few have even been released as "commercial" CDs!  Unreleased recordings are not for sale by Strings, but sometimes they are available from the artists themselves and we have permission to include a few samples here for your enjoyment.  Each of these was made during a live performance at Strings.

If you are interested in making a commercial Cdl look here for more information.

If the mp3 players on this page don't work in your browser (probably IE), just download the files from the list at the bottom of the page.


Sangete - Samba Ngo



Lavender Tea - Free Peoples

Lavender Tea




Remember and Forget -- Joey Lent

Remember and Forget


Good As I Been To You -- Marc Silber with Michael Hubbert and Rod Glaubman


Maybe I Did -- Caren Armstrong with Joshua Zucker

If you are not able to play these files in your browser, here are links for downloading them.
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